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Mobile Technologies in Education and Training : Evaluating Mobile Learning Contents for Occupational Stress


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 Articolo inserito nei  Proceedings of 2005 WSEAS International Coference on Engineering Education, Vougliameni, 8-10 Luglio 2005


There is a need to develop new models and technologies in Engineering Education of Long Term Absents from Work (LTAs) for Occupational Stress. A framework to represent their educational needs and to reason on them for choosing the most suitable learning architecture is under research. In the paper, we introduce mobile learning and a scheme for evaluating  Mobile Learning Contents. We believe that training plays a key role in the re-integration strategies of LTAs and mobile learning can better address the educational needs of LTAs, for the interaction and communication involved. Mobile Learning Contents also play a key role and their features have been identified and used to critically evaluate them. This work is based on a technique to represent Non Functional Requirements in Software Engineering in a Quality Function Deployment style [1].

 Key-Words: - Long Term Absent, Non Functional Requirements, Mobile Learning Contents.

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