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Evaluating Non Functional Requirements in Mobile Learning Contents and Multimedia Educational Software

Articolo presentato alla Seconda Conferenza Annuale MLEARN2003, Londra 19-20 Maggio 2003, learning with mobile devices,, organizzata congiuntamente dai due progetti europei IST sul Mobile Learning, MOBIlean e M-Learning.

Gianna Avellis, Antonio Scaramuzzi
SP.per Casamassima Km.3 70100 Valenzano/Bari/Italy
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Anthony Finkelstein
University College London, Dept. Of Computer Science
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK


We developed a scheme for representing critical non functional requirements (NFRs), and apply it to the domains of mobile e-learning contents and Multimedia Educational Software to validate it. Our approach extends the model for representing design rationale by making explicit evaluation goals, providing the means to improve the quality of e-learning contents, especially m-learning contents. Further research issues will be discussed including the need to relate NFRs to the architectures and a set of architectures to an application domain.

Keywords: Non Functional Requirements (NFRs), Mobile Learning Contents (MLC), Multimedia Educational Software (MES).

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